A Guide to Buying a Body Camera

If you are buying a body camera, there must be the reasons behind this purchase decision. You either buy a body-worn camera for potential evidence or personal safety. There are many other reasons to consider buying a body-worn or hidden camera. It might be sometimes for professional or personal purposes. No matter the reason for buying a body-worn camera, there is a range of products to choose from. But with so many options available in the market, it can be difficult for consumers to buy the right fit. This guide seeks to shed some light on these products to keep you up to speed with what will work for various purposes. Body cam once was a preserve of police, but nowadays, anyone can access them easily and without restrictions like it was in the previous years.

Here are the key points to consider when selecting a body cam that is right for your specific purpose, especially now that there are quite a lot of brands and models to choose from. This guide will walk you through the most important considerations while shopping for these gadgets.


A very important consideration. You should set up your budget so that you can get customer models that fit within your budget. Spending more is not a straight guarantee that you will get the best. Although cheaper options won’t have certain features that make super cameras. Setting your budget is the best way to narrow it down to better options. You will also draw a line between the features that are available in cameras that are within your budget.

How do you want to use it?

It might be tempting to want a camera with many features, but it is far better to get specialised personal body cameras that address your exact need. Critical features to consider are;

  • Durability: although most body cams are built with a certain degree of durability in mind, it depends on how you will want to be using yours. Weather will also determine how durable and resistant your gadget should be. You will want a water-resistant option if you are planning to do more aqua than on dry land with fair weather conditions. And if you are heading to more volatile weather conditions such as extreme cold or extremely hot areas, it is important to consider shockproof properties and water resistance.
  • Mounting options: it is also one of the most important considerations to keep in mind, mounting features and secure connection to the drive are some of the features one should consider when selecting a body camera. Some cheaper models have clipping features such as mounting clips, chest mounts and shoulder straps to keep body cams in place firmly. Although sometimes mounting features are sold separately, those that come with the camera are crucial.
  • Interface: they normally come with a small display for controlling how the camera features work. Some have control buttons for setting up how it works. Another important aspect is the battery life. This will determine how long the camera footage will last. It depends on the model you go with. Some of the body cams have battery life exceeding 24 hours while some have much less battery life. So it depends on the model and the settings put in place.




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