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ThankBank rewards and recognises Australians for acting upon doing good deeds. It is a mobile app that rewards you for donating blood.

Why we do it

The millennial generation is a community populated with "slacktivists". They willingly “Like” the Red Cross Facebook page for the amazing efforts they make to save lives, but unfortunately they often don’t go and physically donate blood. “Likes” don't translate to lives saved. Australia needs to import blood from other countries because we don’t get enough, but it is this generation that has the most capability to turn this around through ThankBank.

ThankBank changes "I want to do good" to "I DO good".

What we do

ThankBank is a mobile app that rewards and recognises you for doing good deeds, and we're starting with blood donations. Simply donate blood and check in. Your favourite brands want to thank you for this, so we will give you 3 months access to discounts and coupons. You can share on Facebook to gain even more rewards and show your acts of kindness. To get this up and running, we need funding for app development and marketing.

If you're new to crowdfunding, just select one of the rewards on the right of this page and we will give you the listed reward. It's all or nothing so it won't come out of your account until we tip over $10k.

How it works

Check out the video below. Don't worry, it's under 1 minute!

What's in it for you?

You get rewarded and recognised for doing good deeds. The app is free. You don't need to pay anything ever, just claim our thanking rewards. You build a social reputation so that the more lives you save, the more rewards we will give you.

The VALUE we Add

Check out this graph. We've shown a typical trip to the blood bank. You have an expected 'feel good moment' at the end, that's why you do it. You're feeling pretty good walking in but the are pretty nervous throughout. Afterwards, you feel great, better than expected, and so you should! But then, you get forgotten about until some time afterwards when you get a letter in the mail with your blood type.

Now consider ThankBank. You know you're getting rewarded, so you have a heightened good feeling expectation. Directly afterwards you still feel good about saving three lives. But, we don't forget about you. Your favourite brands don't forget about you. You get rewarded every fortnight for 3 months! The more you donate, the better the rewards. Yes, the shaded green is the extra value you can expect from ThankBank, for free. Share this and help support us.

What's in it for the Thanking Brands?

Our Thanking Brands are given the opportunity to personally thank you while helping the good cause of blood donation. As we grow, more businesses will be able to help more good causes. ThankBank will publicly recognise the brands that are creating a culture of doing good.

What's in it for the Red Cross?

The more we grow, the more blood donations can go to helping other Australians. Did you know that 1 in 3 people will need blood? Or that Australia doesn't get enough blood donations so we have to import it? Let's help out the Red Cross.


We ask you to support us. The funding will go directly to app development.

By supporting us, you show that there is a need for this and then we can get you more of the rewards you want.

Share this with your friends so you can start being rewarded! Check out the rewards to the right to contribute to our $10,000 goal.

Social Impact

As more people use the app, more blood donations occur and more the good deeds are publicised. This create a viral cycle of people wanting to donate blood and be rewarded and recognised for it. As we grow, we aim to branch off into rewarding other volunteering acts.

We see a world where everyone is seeking to do good deeds and is recognised and applauded for it.

The more users, the more social impact, the more we grow, which leads to even more social impact!

Track Record

ThankBank has been accepted into Brisbane's Impact Academy for social enterprises, which recognises potential for large scale impact. We were also selected as ChangeMakers for Brisbane's Random Hacks of Kindness (RHoK) weekend. We were also featured in - check it out (after you pledge!)

Hurdles to overcome

We have two main hurdles: Tech development and user support.

  1. We need professional app developers to take this to the next level and your pledging will help get there.
  2. We also need to validate our market by showing that people want to use this! This will help us get even better rewards for you. Support us and ask your friends to support this so we can get this into action.

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