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Supporting victims of domestic violence and abuse, the Plate Up Project is a venture created from a merger of minds between three women who share a passion for supporting women and children suffering from domestic violence and abuse. Combined with our passion for good food, Plate Up aims to provide support, education, practical skills, work placement and employment pathways to reignite the love and passion of food and cooking for people who have experienced domestic violence and long term homelessness. The Plate Up Project aims to increase skills and employ-ability and reduce reliance on social welfare.

Being homeless often means little control over ones own food and nutrition for many years. People are left to eat only what is given to them by soup kitchens, homeless shelters, and have no means to shop, cook and store food themselves. This leads to a disconnect between the person and the love of cooking. It also leads to a loss of interest in cooking and loss of ability to budget, plan and create good nutritious meals that taste great and don't break the budget.

The Plate Up Project aims to reignite the passion in the kitchen and guide people to employment by assisting people experiencing homelessness and those newly housed to reengage their relationship with food, from shopping to serving. The Plate Up Project will also provide the opportunity to receive qualifications in food handling, work placement and job sponsorship to increase the chances of employment. The Plate up Project is a practical hands on initiative that not only provides nutrition and a love of food, but a solid pathway to employment and financial stability for women suffering from domestic violence and abuse. This will assist women to move forward with financial stability which leads to housing stability and better future outcomes.

The Plate Up Project operates under the direction of three experienced grass roots charity directors, qualified chefs and experienced business owners to fill a void in tangible and practical support for victims of domestic abuse. Providing skills, qualifications and work experiencing exactly when they are most needed, The Plate Up Project enables families to get back on their feet sooner with skills, autonomy, independence and control of their own lives. It's a hand up, not a hand out.

Social Impact

Empowerment and autonomy are crucial elements in recovering from domestic abuse. A food and skills program with a difference, The Plate up Project aims to put control back in the hands of those we assist by giving people choice about their participation in the project. Participants choose their work placement area and their specialist food area. We ensure people are empowered not pitied, which assists victims of domestic abuse to keep control of their own recovery and future.

Assisting people to navigate life is sometimes essential to recovery and helping people to join back in with community. By providing skills and pathways to employment, people are better able to move forward with housing, work, study and relationships. Recognised work placement, qualifications and references not only assists people to survive day to day, they allow people to participate in community networking such as work, social and education on their own terms with their own money.

One of the most devastating outcomes of domestic violence and abuse, aside from death and injury, is social isolation, poverty and feelings of loss of control and autonomy of ones own future. Reliance on welfare can be a hard relationship to break when there are no other options and no pathways to employment. The Plate up Project seeks to address this by working together with victims of domestic abuse to provide support and guidance and direct pathways to qualifications and employment, leading to better future outcomes. This keeps control in the hands of the victims of abuse, empowering them to move forward and regain control of their circumstances.

Track Record

With a combined 12 years of experience supporting Australia's most disadvantaged, the three directors of The Plate up Project have directly assisted tens of thousands of Australians in need. The Melbourne Homeless Collective group incorporating the Melbourne Period Project, Blanket Melbourne initiative and The School Project have supplied close to half a million items to individuals experiencing homelessness in Victoria. This ever popular, community based charity has also delivered over 15,000 toiletries kits containing over 120,000 items to people experiencing homelessness in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne and assisted dozens of women into work through their volunteer program.

Together this initiatives has supported thousands of individuals and families to navigate the path of homelessness, providing essential items, friendship and links to services along the way.

Hurdles to overcome

Incorporating the barriers of homelessness with the program can be difficult. However each participant will have the opportunity to complete their program in a time frame that allows them to address other barriers as they move forward to employment.

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