'Our Kanyini Project': SevGen's Social Housing contribution to wellness


'Our Kanyini' is a grassroots social housing project delivered by SevGen Indigenous Corporation to meet people who are taking a bold leap into AWESOME.

Kanyini is a Yankunytjatjara concept of Unconditional Love made famous by Kuminjai Uncle Bob Randall. This project title has been given the blessing by his wife Aunty Barb who told us Uncle wanted the term to be used far and wide. Our Kanyini honours this wish and gives unconditional love in situations where it is needed the most.

Photo supplied by Selena Rollason

HOW WILL THE FUNDS BE USED? Funding goal $50,000 Stretch Goal $75,000

A property owner in our community has seen the value in our work. They have offered us their property for a 5 year period to give us the opportunity to acquire the first house in 'Our Kanyini'. A $50,000 deposit is what is needed to secure this property for the 5 years. During that time we will be working our bunthies (boont-thies) off in our social enterprise ventures (Deadly Espresso Cafe and Deadly Espresso Cafe on Walkabout - bus pictured above) to be the proud owners of the first house in our Social Housing Cluster intiative. Yapa owned, Yapa operated and Yapa managed.

The stretch goal will be used to purchase and fitout 'Deadly Espresso on Walkabout' a specially designed bus. Also a gift developed in conjunction with a local businessman in our community (pictured here). This stretch goal sets up the income producing activity in Our Kanyini.

Social Impact

"Be the Change you want to see in the world" -YES PLEASE

Our Kanyini will grow up changemakers! -YIPEE

Our PAPPA (tm) of Playing Autonomously in Passion with Purpose Always is our method for honouring the full, true and creative self for the benefit of the collective. Giving pupose and meaning to self actualisation. =WOW

Yapakurlangu has smashed the saying 'it takes a village to raise a child' and created that community of care. -AMAZING

If you like the sound of being an important part of this project which will help people believe they are intelligent, know their potential, be motivated, and feel unstoppable then you should watch this space. -LOVE IT

This is how we believe 'Our Kanyini' will be life changing for individuals, families, communities, the world and for future generations one little family mob at a time.

Track Record

SevGen is synonomous with success.

Our innovative methodologies help people believe they are intelligent, know their potential, feel motivated , and be UNSTOPPABLE.

SevGen has successfully prototyped an education project called Modern Songlines from 2014-2016.

Modern Songlines is closely related to Our Kanyini Project. We have trialled Our Kanyini a little family mob from November 2016-March 2017 and the trial has been described as "the real deal".

This project will succeed because of the relationship based foundations we have developed over the past two+ years with agencies, organisations and community.

This project will succeed because of the connections we have developed in preparation for Our Kanyini project over the past two+ years with the corporate, business, community and individual input.

This project will succeed because of the passion and purpose inherent in this project with the results driven SevGen team.

We have achieved much since starting off as a new organisation 5 years ago. Please visit our website to read about some of our previous projects www.sevgen.com.au.

Hurdles to overcome

Research tells us that the first hurdle could be the risk of habitual behaviour and recidivism often reported in projects like Our Kanyini- We have mitigated this by creating an environment that embraces a connected approach of community care where all the wonderful experiences of our community are valued and become the assets that will help us through any hurdles.

Another hurdle identified by our team is the stuck mindsets that are still a part of our condition- We have mitigated this by planning an awareness building campaign.

Ongoing costs are also a future hurdle- We have mitigated this by building income producing ventures into the design of this project.

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