Frequently asked questions

How does act. differ from other banking services?

act. is a fresh, new way of banking. Essentially, act. gives customers (activists) the opportunity to earn and donate banking profits to a whole range of inspiring, social projects and really is the ethical banking alternative.

act. has all the banking products you’d expect like home loans, personal loans, credit cards, transaction accounts and online savings accounts.

How does act. work?

As soon as you open a bank account with act. (there is a full suite of products to choose from), you will be eligible for an Impact Account. Each act. product earns you Impact Dollars. You then allocate these Impact Dollars to any of the great projects featured on You can choose where your donations go, how much, and how often.

Also, even if you're not yet an activist, you can still make an online donation (via credit card) to any of our featured projects, whenever you like. Or, if you're an existing activist, you can top up your donations at any time!

I’m keen to get an act. banking product. What next?

Call 1300 ACT TODAY (1300 228 863). A member of our customer service team will talk you through any questions you may have. We realise that, as with any banking product, signing up can be a little time consuming - but hopefully the prospect of making a big impact will make it a little easier with act.

If you'd prefer to open a product online or outside opening hours, follow the links from our banking page. As act. products are issued by Bendigo Bank you can find all the important information including disclosure documents here.

Do you decrease my interest earned or increase my loan rate to pay for my Impact Account dollars?

In short, No. We make less profit compared to other banking services because we genuinely give it back to our customers! You control where our profit is spent at no extra cost.

How does the banking profit share work?

As a banking service, we make money on product margins. These move up and down depending on what's happening with international markets. We try to keep the profit share to you as stable as possible, but the nature of our business means that we may have to adjust profit shares for each product from time to time. However, we'll always let you know when this happens! Check out our calculators on the banking tab to find out more.

Who is the issuer of the act. banking products?

act. banking products are backed and issued by Bendigo and Adelaide Bank.

Who is behind act?

act. is a division of Community Sector Banking. Community Sector Banking is a collaboration between Community 21 (a consortium of not-for-profits) and Bendigo and Adelaide Bank.

What is crowd funding?

Crowd funding is a way for lots of people to voluntarily contribute to an outcome. It's often used to support new business initiatives, or creative projects. While it's been around for years, the online environment has seen crowd funding really take off.

What is ‘all or nothing’ funding?

'All or nothing' means that if a project doesn't hit its fundraising target within the set timeframe, they don't get their money. Don't worry - it's completely in the spirit of crowd funding. If you want to see a particular project get over the line, you need to shout about it from the rooftops! Plus, project activators (the people who own projects) need to be realistic about their targets and how much they can achieve.

I am a project activator (people & organisations who post projects)

What types of projects does act. feature?

Does your project have potential to create positive change? Do you already have a committed group of supporters? If so, we'd love to have you on board! Simply enter your project details below and once we've performed our compliance checks (to ensure you're legitimate), we'll consider adding your project to the world of act.!

Why does a project need to have a set timeframe?

Crowd funding is all about motivating users to work for you. If there's a time limit, then it tends to motivate and focus people on the target. Statistics show that most successful campaigns run hard and fast from the first day, and that you'll know if you'll succeed about halfway through your project. If you're worried about the timeframe, then the amount you're aiming to raise is probably too high.

How much money can I raise?

As much as you want! Be sure to set realistic targets. We want you to succeed as much as you do, so make sure you do some simple maths and guess how much each of your core supporters are likely to give. Remember, crowd funding is relatively new but the same old marketing rules apply. If you've got a core supporter base of 10 people who will give $20, then that's a $200 target. Don't expect people to come out of nowhere to fund your project. It just doesn't happen like that.

How do I receive the money I raise?

If your project hits its target within the timeframe, we'll give you five days to chase up any failed donations. After that, we'll transfer the successful total to you (using your nominated BSB and account number) along with an official receipt.

What resources and promotional material does act. provide?

Once your project is featured on act., you'll receive a dedicated web page outlining your project, and encouraging people to make a contribution. You can use the URL for this web page in any promotions that you create. You can also choose message templates from within the site to keep your followers and supporters connected to your project and the outcome. Please contact us to request a communication to your core supporters about our banking products.

How do I create a project?

After you've signed up, you can click on 'create project' and this will get you started. You can save your project at any time and come back later. The process should be self-explanatory, however, it's important to remember that crowd funding is all about connecting very quickly with your audience. For this reason, we really recommend having, at minimum, a video and a few pictures that will give people an idea of what you are doing. Focus on really nailing your message and getting people passionate about helping you achieve your goals!

Who is going to support my project?

The people supporting your project are probably people you already know. People usually tend to support a project that they know directly, or have been referred to. Make sure your core supporters use our social media sharing tools to share your project to their networks and mobilise more support for you. They are your best asset, so make sure you use them to spread the word.

Can I raise funds for my project away from the act platform?

Of course you can! Obviously we'd prefer if you used act. all the time, but we can't stop you!

Why are videos and pictures so important?

Videos and pictures tell your story. People find it hard to give to strangers. They'd prefer to learn a bit of background and preferably, get it very quickly! Video is particularly critical to your success. Even if you shoot a cool video with your iPhone, a simple video can work wonders.

What fees do I pay when I do a project on act.?

You'll pay 5% on successful completion of the project, but if you choose to have your funds deposited into a Community Sector Banking (CSB) Cash Management account, we will waive this fee completely.

What happens after I submit my project for review?

We take about three business days to approve a project. When it's approved, you'll be notified and you can set a start date.

How do I communicate with my supporters during a project?

You can communicate directly with your supporters using our messaging section. You can talk to watchers as well as supporters who have pledged. Frequent communication is absolutely critical to fundraising, so we've created a few templates that you can use. The templates are all located in the messaging section.

How do I refer my supporters to act.?

Great question! We'd love you to tell as many people as you can. You can share our website via email or social media, or even hand out our phone number if you feel like it! It's 1300 ACT TODAY, so easy to remember. Our business relies on passionate people like you helping us build a big community, so we'd be very appreciative of any word of mouth support you can give us! You can also embed live project information into your own website and social media with widgets that are available.

What data is captured and how can I access it?

If someone contributes to your project, we supply you with all their details. This is so that you can send them rewards or tax receipts. You can download the details from the 'My Project/Supporters' area of the site.

How does act. determine what projects end up on the front page?

Our home page is rarely visited. This is because most of our traffic goes directly to projects themselves (as people are sharing their project page with their supporters, not our home page). However generally speaking, our home page ranks projects that are trending up near the top and those that are not (like completed projects) near the bottom.

What is a reward?

A reward is something that you can offer a supporter in exchange for their donation. You may like to offer something free and easy - like a social media call out. Or you may want to offer product discounts, special offers, or a 'money can't buy' type experience. It's completely up to you. Rewards are a great way to motivate supporters, so be creative, and think about what will get people involved.

If my project doesn’t reach its target amount, can I re submit it?

Sure! You can definitely resubmit a project for approval - but if you do, be careful not to just keep trying the same old strategy! There's probably a reason why your project didn't reach the target amount, so you should probably look into why that is the case first before resubmitting.

I am a supporter or activist

What’s the difference between act. and other crowdfunding sites?

While act. offers people the chance to fund awesome projects, it's also a suite of great banking products. Essentially, act. gives customers (activists) the opportunity to earn and donate banking profits to a whole range of inspiring, community-focused projects.

What is the best way for me to support a project?

Anyone can support a project by making a credit card donation. You can browse through current projects, and if something tickles your fancy, you can contribute. You can also become a 'watcher' for certain projects you're interested in - which means we'll keep you up to date with its progress.

Obviously, the best way to support a project is to become an activist - i.e., an act. customer, so you can earn and donate Impact Dollars.

What fees do I pay when I support a project?

We're proud to have some of the lowest fees in the market with only 30c per transaction, GST inclusive, for both credit and debit card payments.

Who can support a project?

Anyone can support a project on act. You can make a donation from your Impact Account or credit card whenever you like, and you can also share the act. website with your mates on social media, to ensure they know all about act. and how it works.

When is my pledge collected?

Pledges are generally collected one week after the project timeframe is complete. We'll send you an email to let you know that we've processed your payment.

What can go wrong with a payment?

We can't process any payments from cards that have expired or which are above their limit.

Can I turn off notifications?

Yes. Just go to your profile page and turn them off there.

My card was declined. How long do I have to update my details?

You have five business days after the completion of the project to re-enter your card details. If you don't, we're sorry to say that you'll miss out.

How does an Impact Account work?

Great question! All you have to do is buy any product in the act. range. Go to the Banking page at the top of the screen to see our great banking products and use the calculators to see how much you could earn!

I’ve just become an activist, but I don’t yet have any Impact Dollars. Why is this?

We hand out Impact Dollars on a monthly basis. If you've just signed up, then we're probably counting your dollars already!

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